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matrix DevOps offers a broad portfolio of services to streamline the DevOps lifecycle with best-practice implementation and training at each stage of your operations.

Driven by your existing workflows and priorities, our integrated solutions turbo-charge the productivity of your operations and empower team members in every department.

and Discovery

Our analysis and resulting recommendations regarding your current environment obviously involve a deep dive into your existing technologies. But just as importantly, we also explore the human element – the workflow, skills, and culture of your team. Our time-tested process includes a short pre-meeting questionnaire to ensure that we come to even the first discussion armed with the right background. After a series of focused meetings, we get to work with our cross-discipline team and finally present both short-term and long-term recommendations. Our goal is to leverage the specific expertise of each of own team members to produce a plan with solutions that both eliminate known problems, and also streamline or create new processes in a way that leaves you independently managing your enhanced systems and methodologies.


Complex, distributed applications demand end-to-end management, so our Application Performance Management (APM) solution monitors your apps comprensively, giving you the power to ensure flawless customer experiences. You get application mapping, dynamic baselining, and code-level diagnostics.

Agile & Scaled
Agile Framework
(SAFe) Processes

Agile and scaled Agile methodologies are well-established and broadly adopted practices for development.  For the team at matrix DevOps, our goal is not a one-size-fits-all template, but a solution we tailor based on your needs. Our approach to helping your organization reach new levels of productivity is driven primarily by focusing on your specific vision and goals.

Our experts come to each project armed with a comprehensive collection of methodologies and practices to apply, but the strategy and selection of these for these is based exclusively on your very specific needs and pace. Whether you recognize the need for a massive, transformational overhaul, or prefer to gradually and continuously improve the systems you already have in place, our approach will focus on culture and leadership, as well as DevOps, Engineering and Testing practices. We only succeed when we create measurable, consistent and independent mechanisms to maintain  the continuity of improvement to facilitate sustainable Agile practices.


When your entire IT or R&D infrastructure rides on a portfolio of customized, task-centric applications, the cost of those systems failing is staggering. Every minute these tools are down – or in the process of being recovered – adds up to painfully measurable reduction of productivity. As such, you take your SLAs seriously – and so do we.

Whether your implementation is server-based, in a data center, cloud-based or hybrid, DevOps has teams specializing in Attlasian add-ons: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Service Desk. We can also support IBM tools: DOORS, DNG, RQM, and RTC.

We offer SLA either as part of a licensing package or as a stand-alone service for your existing systems. Your dedicated technical account manager begins with a carefully crafted initial questionnaire or interview to understand your environment, and to determine how we can best assure that it continues to function as it should. Our teams of senior-level engineers have seen it all – they are ready to diagnose and solve problems as they arise with either immediate workarounds to keep you working, or more substantial updates and intervention as needed. And our SLA strategy is not simply an “emergency call” arrangement; we proactively conduct reviews and health checks at pre-defined schedules to identify problems before they occur.

Open Source

It’s no longer just a growing fad: Virtually all of today’s software developers leverage open source libraries and packages, leading to almost 80% of all commercial code being reliant in some way on open source. The time-saving benefits of open source, together with its “wisdom of the crowd” robustness, makes this a productive methodology for most developers. But at the same time, the same accessible nature of this code provides the hacker with the ability to find and leverage vulnerabilities the moment he locates a product incorporating it. Our team recommends and licenses Snyk to comprehensively scan libraries and containers to make sure these security holes are closed, that you are using the safest versions, building secure containers, and are compliant with all licensing parameters of the third-party components.

CI/CD and

DevOps is rarely the core job of a development firm. But creating your products and services requires a rock-solid infrastructure humming quietly in the background, connecting people, software tools and data. Often, DevOps project like installations, upgrades or training requires skilled (and expensive) experts who you may not have on hand full-time – and may not need as an ongoing basis. No IT department has the full expertise or availability to handle every new project that comes their way.  Our team offers all this as a service, to get you up and running without delay. We have a vast collection of technology experts in dozens of disciplines, covering a long list of software applications that we can install, configure and maintain on an outsourced basis. Our “DevOps as-a-Service” team leverages best-practice methodologies and processes to strengthen a company-wide DevOps culture. Whether you are using or considering CI/CD tools like Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Harness or various ALM portfolios, we are here to get the job done while you focus on your core business.

Static Code

All code, no matter how skilled the developer behind it, is subject to human error or flaws that are inevitable in complex projects. Our code analysis identifies not only defects and deviations from coding standards, but also vulnerabilities and security holes. Especially when your software must meet regulatory compliance for automotive, medical, defense, or other sectors where mission-critical software simply must function flawlessly, our analysis smooths the road to certification. Leveraging the power of Perforce code analysis software, we can provide feedback as you code, before you’ve continued down a particular path. That means you produce better quality software, in less time, and at lower cost than when using manual code reviews that are often, themselves, imperfect.


Once our Assessment and Discovery process is complete, our team moves onto defining and prioritizing the specific components and features of the general solution that we recommend. As we move through system, design and testing requirements, each stage of development is reliant on the previous one, formally mapped out and written up in a methodology particular to that part of the process. As a people-centric company, we make this a deeply consultative, interactive process, gather customer input to help justify each decision (helping define “want” vs. “need”) and ensuring maximum cost-effective value and benefit of each recommendation.

Project Planning,
& Collaboration

Managing projects and tasks in project management software starts with a workflow. Workflows define your process and enable your team to track tasks. Visualize your process so your team knows how projects and tasks are progressing.

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