You focus on the tech you’re building.
We handle the tech to get it done.

Benefit from two decades of holistic methodologies, our DevOps experts have delivered to clients of all sizes, in all sectors, around the world.

Whether the challenge is analysis, design, implementation, automation, training or any combination, matrix DevOps has the experience and expertise to deploy exactly the right tools, methods and seasoned professionals to reach – and surpass – your business goals.

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We select and leverage best-of-breed partner technology to create the solutions that meet your specific needs.


We are the largest reseller in Israel, providing SLA support, products and apps from the Atlassian suite: Jira, Confluence, BitBucket.

We also develop Marketplace apps.

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The Leading extensible Work Operating System, with over 100,000 client companies worldwide

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Code review on the fly, or in nightly builds, to create bullet-proof, compliance-ready applications

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Code review tool to identify security risks that come with the use of open-source containers

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A single tool to integrate all active tools and teams, and seamlessly blend siloed data sources

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A broad suite of best-of-breed engineering lifecycle management solutions built with complex integration in mind

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Industry-leading test management and automation tools

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Automated testing to replace manual processes and streamline QA

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An intelligent, multi-cloud platform leveraging AI for a powerful pipeline and simplified DevOps.

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DBmaestro leads in the database delivery automation category, empowering organizations to automate, secure, and govern database delivery pipelines.

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“I can say with confidence that the return on investment is positive, we are pleased with the services, and we are looking forward to continuing to work together in the future.”
Dana Verthiem,
IT Manager, Gett



May 23, 2022
Join us for an informative webinar, where Gabriel Ben Harosh Hasson, matrix DevOps CTO, will provide an overview of Harness’ role in simplifying your DevOps processes – CI, CD, Feature Flags, Cloud Cost Management, and much more!
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February 16, 2022
בואו להכיר עולם חדש עם מאנדיי.קום, הפתרון המלא לניהול אופרציות שיווק ופרסום מקצה לקצה, שיאפשר לכם חיסכון בזמן ובעלויות וישפר את חוויית העובדים והלקוחות.
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February 9, 2022
EC0-OS הצטרפו אלינו לוובינר בו נציג כיצד
מערכת להנהלת חשבונאות סביבתית, יכולה לנהל את המידע הסביבתי בארגון באופן יעיל ואפקטיבי בשילוב מאנדיי, הפלטפורמה שמרכזת במקום אחד את כלל משימות איסוף המידע מכל המחלקות בארגון.
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